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The Innovators

The Innovators are the Museum of Science’s community of young professionals who are united by their desire to expand their knowledge of science and technology in a social setting.

They enjoy a year-long program of exclusive social and networking activities with fellow young professionals that are geared around fresh technology, innovative science, and more.

Innovators also have an opportunity to engage with the Museum, through invitations to interactive events with Museum board members, staff and local leaders in innovation and technology.

The Innovators are the next generation of supporters and leaders at the Museum of Science.


© Ashley McCabe

Innovators pay $200 in dues in addition to an Explorer or Discoverer membership. Levels can be personalized depending on your philanthropy, and you receive benefits depending on the level you choose. Innovator Levels start at $500.

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Gain behind-the-scenes knowledge and join emerging leaders in helping propel the Museum to a successful future. See how joining the Innovators can benefit you.

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Innovator events are opportunities to mingle with fellow inquiring minds and industry leaders in the science, tech, and business worlds.

Innovators Events

Our Innovators and Sip of Science events offer a wide range of opportunities for networking, socializing, and learning.


Innovators Events at the Museum

From the chemistry of cocktails to the statistics and psychology of blackjack, we cover a vast array of topics for educational and social events filled with food, beverage, and entertainment.


Sip of Science Events

Informal and science-inspired gatherings outside the Museum with the opportunity for Innovators to connect and socialize.

Monthly Giving

Join immediately by paying $200 in dues and pay monthly with our monthly giving program. We will gladly assist you in a payment plan that works best for you, just call Annual Giving at 617-589-0370.

Workplace Matching

Employers also chip in to help build a strong Museum community. We accept matching gift payments from employers so that your job can meet you halfway or double your impact.

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Young Leadership Committee

The Innovators also have the opportunity to join the Museum’s Young Leadership Committee (YLC) after a year of Membership. Gain even more exclusive access, and have your voice heard as the Museum works to advance and reimagine its strong mission.

The reason to join the Innovators is it really brings that child out of the adult. If you’re interested in STEM, interested in science, or had great experiences at the Museum growing up, there’s so much waiting for you here as an adult. There’s lectures, volunteer opportunities, and wonderful events… things that you really didn’t know, or couldn’t even imagine were waiting for you when you were a kid.


Allison Nolan

Chair, Young Leadership Committee

Innovator since 2010

Innovators are energetic individuals who enjoy meeting at events and taking on active roles within the Museum community. We are a connected and inspired group of people who receive specialized events each year and unprecedented access to the Museum. We are the next generation of Museum leaders, philanthropist, and volunteers


John Stafford

Museum Overseer

Innovator since 2007