High School Science Series

About the High School Science series

Delve into the sciences with students through exciting lectures from scientists and researchers! Explore connections to curriculum through hands-on activities and events. Though activities in the Exhibit Halls will last from 9:30-12:30, these events are designed for a two-hour field trip experience.

High School Science Events

  • International Archaeology Day

    Join us as we explore archaeology and the past in relation to the traveling exhibit Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.

  • The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy

    Learn the chemistry of sweet, sour, stretchy, and sticky, explore the science behind foams and gels, and learn how artificial sweeteners work.

  • How Do We Think? How Do We Learn?

    Give students the opportunity to learn and ask questions about some novel research studies being done in our Living Laboratory ®

  • Race and Ethnicity

    Confront some common myths about race and ethnicity through discussion and small group activities that debunk previously held "facts"

  • The Power of Numbers

    Examine the mathematics behind the building of structures, and explore how numbers have shapes depending on the number of their prime factors.

The High School Science Series is supported in part by: