Food for Thought

About the Food for Thought series

Find out how food influences our culture and shapes our health and environment.

Food for Thought Events

  • Let's Talk About Sustainable Seafood

    Listen to a number of informed perspectives on threats to fish stocks and to marine ecosystems in the context of the New England economy.

  • Food on Film Presents American Meat

    Documentary American Meat chronicles America's grassroots revolution in sustainable meat production.

  • Meaty Matters

    Join experts in a panel discussion on sustainable meat agriculture and production.

  • Small Footprint, Big Flavor: A Dinner of Sustainable Grass-Fed Meats

    Hear from the experts about raising animals sustainably and how what they eat and where they live affects the flavor of the meat they yield.

  • Let's Talk About the Farm Bill

    An interactive "teach-in" explores how the farm bill impacts the foods we consume here in New England.

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