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  • Math Moves!

    © Nicolaus Czarnecki

    Girl in Math Moves! exhibit
  • © Nicolaus Czarnecki

    Boy in Math Moves! exhibit
  • © Nicolaus Czarnecki

    Family in Math Moves! exhibit

Math Moves!

: Experiencing Ratio and Proportion

Bigger/smaller, faster/slower, heavier/lighter — use your body to explore ratios in our newest math exhibit! Immerse yourself in a world of shadows, shapes, motion, and sound. Use your body as a unit of measurement by climbing into a huge chair then squeezing in a tiny one to compare your size. Grab a friend, get moving, and watch as your rates of motion are both tracked on a screen. Listen, watch, and feel what happens when you change the pitch and frequency of sounds. Ever wonder how shadows change size? Here you can grow, shrink, match, and measure while discovering connections between shapes, shadows, and sizes.

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Permanent Exhibit


Blue Wing, Level 1

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Recommended for

Grades 1 – 8

Free with Exhibit Halls admission.
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