Innovative Engineers



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The end products of engineering are everywhere, from bridges to blow dryers, iPods to plastic wrap. This exhibit brings some long-overdue attention to the engineering leaders who solve everyday challenges both large and small. Its collection of biographical stories shows how the paths to engineering success are as diverse as the remarkable inventions developed by the individuals featured here.

Get to know five engineers (Dean Kamen, Stephanie Kwolek, Helen Greiner, George Carruthers, and Eric Bailey) whose childhood fascinations led them to pursue big accomplishments that literally changed the world. Learn about the engineering process, then test your skills in the popular Design Challenges program, in which visitors solve an engineering puzzle using provided materials.

You can also find the results of real-life design challenges throughout the Museum; Innovative Engineers includes satellite mini-exhibits around the Exhibit Halls. Discover Alexander Graham Bell in the Lower Level of the Blue Wing, and learn about Edwin Land near the polarized light collage in the Atrium.

Photos © Tom Kates, © Museum of Science