Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià



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In the summer of 2011, elBulli, the world's most exclusive restaurant, closed its doors for good. Fortunately for lovers of haute cuisine — and the hundreds of thousands of curious diners without a reservation — elBulli is being reimagined as elBulli Foundation, a creative think-tank and food laboratory for gastronomic experimentation.

Its former head chef of 25 years, the world-famous Ferran Adrià, is the featured subject of Innovation in the Art of Food: Chef Ferran Adrià. Through unusual tastes, textures, and untraditional high-tech appliances, Adrià and his team have added a multi-sensory, magical dimension to the experience of eating — radically revolutionizing the way food is both created and consumed. Along with Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture, this temporary exhibit supports Museum president and director Ioannis Miaoulis’s mission to enhance food education.

This exhibition is made possible by the Government of Catalonia, the Institut Ramon Llull, and Estrella Damm Barcelona.

Photo © Vanessa Miralles, Palau Robert 2012