Arsenic and Old Lace: With Journalist Deborah Blum

Watch Cary Grant discover that his two beloved aunts are poisoning lonely old men, and learn all about arsenic — from past to present.

Evil Dead II: With Dr. Steven Schlozman

Listen as psychiatrist Steven Schlozman gives an overview of the neurobiology of our affinity for scary movies, then watch the film!

Big Fish: With Science Journalist Paul Raeburn

Before the film, journalist and author Paul Raeburn offers a scientific exploration of the role fathers play in their children's lives.

The Abyss: With Dr. Graham Shimmield

Marine geochemist Dr. Graham Shimmield discusses real-life oceanic mysteries before a viewing of James Cameron's epic The Abyss.

Soylent Green: With P.K. Newby

Explore humanity's relationship to food with this popular dystopian film and a discussion with food expert P.K. Newby on the real future of food.

Children of Men: With Dr. David Ryley

View this fascinating political thriller by the director of Gravity, and hear from an expert on key issues explored in the film.

Big: With Eric Rosenbaum

Prior to a screening of the comedy classic, MIT researcher Eric Rosenbaum discusses technologies he's developed to amplify our imaginations.

A Birder's Guide to Everything: With Kenn Kaufman and Rob Meyer

Birding legend Kenn Kaufman discusses the mysteries surrounding extinct birds before joining director Rob Meyer for a Q and A post-screening.

Paths of Glory: With Steven Pinker

Experimental psychologist Steven Pinker joins us before a showing of the antiwar film Paths of Glory to discuss human nature, war, and violence.

King Kong (1933): With Chris Whittier, DVM, PhD

Veterinarian Chris Whittier discusses fictional vs. real gorillas, the state of the world's gorilla population, and his experiences in Africa.