This Is Spinal Tap: With Christopher Shera

Auditory physiologist Christopher Shera discusses the science of sound and hearing in conjunction with the film This Is Spinal Tap.

Edward Scissorhands: With Jeremy DeSilva

Biological anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva discusses a new species of hominin through the lens of the film Edward Scissorhands.

Rushmore: With Steven Schlozman, MD

Through the film Rushmore, psychiatrist Steven Schlozman will illuminate current understanding of the adolescent brain.

The Prestige: With Physicist Peter Fisher

Physicist Peter Fisher discusses Nikola Tesla’s singular legacy and the future of wireless power before a viewing of the film "The Prestige."

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Join us as Dr. Edward Farhi, professor of physics at MIT, unravels the "oddities" of time travel.

8 Mile

Find out how rappers are able create lyrics off the cuff as Dr. Limb shares what his studies reveal about the neurobiology of creativity.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Analyze the underwater lives of humpback whales through Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home with whale expert Dave Wiley.


Join forensic psychiatrist Thomas Gutheil, MD before the film to discuss the psychology of serial killers.