Corporate Member FAQ

As a corporate member, what is the return on investment for my company?

Corporate member companies provide financial support for the Museum of Science — a world-renowned institution dedicated to inspiring and engaging future scientists, engineers, and technical workers. In return, we are pleased to offer member companies a benefits package in which the fair market value significantly exceeds the cost; recognition on our lobby boards (approximately 1.5 million visitors to the Museum annually) and Web pages (110,000 unique views per week); and increased teambuilding opportunities for your employees through events and volunteer projects.

Is there a community relations element to a corporate membership?

Yes! Our volunteer program, for example, brings corporate member employees into the Museum to work on a variety of projects that directly benefit individuals not only in Boston and Cambridge, but across the nation as well. In addition, the Museum's Community Access Program (CAP) distributes benefits donated by corporate members to thousands of individuals from a wide range of area schools, social service agencies, and nonprofits.

How can I tell if my company is a corporate member?

You can look our corporate members page to see if your company is a member. However, please note that each company may distribute benefits differently and may determine the quantity of passes based on their membership level. You may contact the individual or department that coordinates your company's Museum membership to learn more about your benefits.

Is a corporate membership the same as an individual membership?

No, each corporate member company receives a number of one-time-use paper passes for distribution to employees, guests, and clients. Only executive pass holders receive cards; executive pass benefits are redeemable by pass holder named on card only. ID may be required. Please visit our corporate membership page for more information about benefits.

Once we've joined the corporate membership program, how soon will we receive our membership fulfillment package?

You should receive your package in approximately 7 – 10 business days, although delivery may take longer during holiday periods or other seasonal rushes. Also, please note that renewal requests received at the end of the month tend to take longer to process, as this is when our systems are updated to reflect donations for the month.

What can I do with my passes that have expired?

As long as your corporate membership is active we will exchange your expired passes for passes with your current membership expiration date. Just send us the expired passes and we will send you new ones.

Are executive passes transferable?

No, executive passes may only be used by the cardholder whose name appears on the card. The cardholder can put their spouses or partner’s name on the card with them so they are able to use it too.

Is it true that executive passes come with unlimited free parking all year?

Yes! Executive pass holders enjoy free parking all year in the Museum garage.

Are the Exhibit Halls passes redeemable for admission to any other museums in the United States?

No, only executive passes offer complimentary admission to other museums and science centers. Executive pass holders can refer to the pamphlet accompanying the pass for details on the institutions with which the Museum of Science participates in a reciprocal relationship.

How do I use my executive pass to receive free parking?

Please bring your parking ticket and your executive pass to the Information Desk and have them validate your ticket.

How frequently do you send the electronic newsletter?

Corporate Connections, the electronic newsletter for the corporate membership program, includes notices of upcoming exhibits, programs, volunteer opportunities, events, and other ways to get involved with the Museum. It is sent monthly to the working contact, primary contact, and executive pass holders designated by your company. The working contact is responsible for disseminating the information in it to other employees. If you work for a corporate member company and would also like to receive Corporate Connections please email

What is the discount for special exhibits?

Discounts for special exhibits vary. The Museum notifies members of the pricing structure well in advance by email, mailings, and Web updates.

When is the corporate relations office open?

The corporate relations office is open from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please call 617-589-0232 to reach us or email