Coming Soon

With new exhibits and shows opening all the time, the Museum is never the same place twice. Learn more about what's coming up in the next few months.

  • Pandas: The Journey Home

    Meet the dedicated team working tirelessly to save China's national treasure, the iconic giant panda, from extinction.

  • 2theXtreme: MathAlive!

    Interact with sports, music, fashion, games, and more in this immersive experience that reveals there is math behind everything we do!

  • GROSSOLOGY: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

    Get answers to the most slimy, oozy, crusty, and stinky questions about the human body in this fantastically fun interactive exhibit!

  • Animals Without Passports

    Follow along with humpback whales as they migrate from right here in Massachusetts to the Caribbean!

  • Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars

    Experience the moment of creation during a live performance — the music complemented by visions from deep outer space.

  • Cambridge Science Festival 2014

    Join the fun at the Museum during this year's Cambridge Science Festival, with activities showcasing science, technology, engineering, and math!

  • Astronomy After Hours

    How awesome is astronomy? Participate in the Museum's free Friday night astronomy activities, including stargazing and more, and find out!

  • Stand Against Racism

    This teen talk focuses on personal relationships with race and debunks previously held "facts" about race.

  • Changing Brains: Conflict Resolution, Cooperation, and Well-Being

    Embark on an exciting exploration of the brain's potential — to alter our bodies, to expand our horizons, and to heal our world.

  • Book Club for the Curious

    The Book Club for the Curious is designed especially for those who are interested in science and technology and how it impacts our society.

  • Beyond the Telescope: Cosmic Explosions

    Investigate the origins of gamma-ray bursts, and learn how they can be used to pinpoint and study the first generation of stars and galaxies.

  • Together Boston Festival

    Together Boston returns to the Museum for a special collaboration with local and regional musicians and technologically advanced artists.

  • Technology and Microbiology: A Public Discussion at the 2014 American Society for Microbiology Meeting

    Join us at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center for a special access tour of the exhibitor floor at the Society's General Meeting.

  • Member Appreciation Night: Amazing Animals

    In this after-hours member adventure, meet and greet Live Animal Care Center resident species, enjoy critter-centric entertainment, and more!

  • Science Carnival

    See the world of carnivals and magic through the eyes of a scientist at this FREE after-hours event for TEENS ONLY!

  • Triple Member Preview – GROSSOLOGY, 2theXtreme: MathAlive!, and Animals Without Passports

    Museum members get to preview THREE new temporary exhibits at the same time!

  • Mars and Beyond

    Journey through the solar system and beyond, guided by scientists who design and work on real space missions, during this weekend event!

  • Member Overnight

    Gather your friends and family for an evening with the Exhibit Halls to yourselves (plus or minus a few dozen other members)!

  • Let's Celebrate July 4th!

    Celebrate the Fourth of July and watch the fireworks from one of the best spots in the city — the Museum of Science garage roof!