Rejuvenating Our Iconic Campus

More than half of the Museum's 130,000 square feet of exhibit space will be transformed during the life of The Campaign for the Museum of Science, and with the relocation of the main Information Desk, an open lobby will greet visitors and offer an unobstructed view of the Charles River.

Centered on the museumgoer's experience, key enhancements to all levels of the garage entrance and the concourse will improve initial wayfinding and visitor services. New skylights in the Blue Wing will bring natural light to our Exhibit Halls, and new finishes from floor to ceiling will refresh and contemporize our décor.

Message from Joan Suit

We need more scientists and more people to understand science and realize how it impinges on our lives — and how important science is to keep our world going. The Museum brings science to so many people, which is crucial for the public and particularly for youngsters looking for careers.

Joan Suit Trustee Emerita

Message from Luke Schulert

Being an Exhibit Halls interpreter — demonstrating science and technology on the Museum floor — is an amazing experience. My favorite demonstration is Tumbling Wings. It's a low-tech interpretation, just a folded piece of paper and a cardboard square to demonstrate aerodynamics and sink rate, but it always draws a crowd. I've learned social skills and leadership skills as a Museum intern that are applicable in and out of school.

Luke Schulert Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Class of 2012 SciCORE Exhibit Interpretation Intern since 2009

Campaign photos: Reena Bammi, Nicolaus Czarnecki, Michael Malyszko, Pat Piasecki, Bethany Versoy, TMP Images. Renderings: Cambridge Seven Associates, the Museum of Science.