Beyond the Telescope

About the Beyond the Telescope series

Beyond the Telescope features guest astronomers who introduce their current research through the Planetarium's state-of-the-art digital projection system and extensive astronomical databases.

Photo © Michael Malyszko

Beyond The Telescope Events

  • Beyond the Telescope: Supernova Forensics

    Go from the depths of Earth's oceans to the far reaches of the universe to unlock the secrets behind supernovae, the explosive deaths of stars.

  • Beyond the Telescope: Searching for Near-Earth Asteroids

    Join Timothy Spahr, director of the Minor Planet Center, as he examines impact events and looks at the close encounters Earth’s future may hold.

  • Beyond the Telescope: Finding Inhabited Worlds

    Join Harvard professor of astronomy David Charbonneau as he tours known exoplanets, searching for the telltale molecular fingerprints of life.